Telefonia Bonairiano N.V. (TELBO)

Telefonia Bonairiano NV was established on March 23, 1983. TELBO is the only local company offering telecommunication services for the local market. The company is owned by the government and employs 35 people. In 1986 the company went through a series of changes, it expanded and modernized. A digital telephone exchange was installed in Kralendijk with a capacity of 5300 numbers and a remote telephone exchange was installed in Rincon with a capacity of 900 numbers. From 1990 to 1992 the entire cable network was renewed. In 1999 a new main telephone exchange was bought and other remote stations have been installed in the districts of Rincon,Antriol, Sabadeco and Hato.


• To accept challenges on short term on the changes taking place on the telecommunication sector using the best in efficiency and quality.
• To optimize the product selection and distribution channels to acquire a successful role in Bonaire and in the Netherlands Antilles by providing fixed, mobile and international telecommunication and broadband services.
• To enter into a strategic alliance with the third parties who share our vision.

Trends in the Telecommunications Industry:

The world is experiencing a tremendous growth in the fixed and mobile telephone. Fixed telephone connections have an average growth of 6.1% per year and the number of mobile connections increases with more than 52%.The expectation is that between 2002 and 2004 there will be a worldwide increase in the total number of fixed and mobile telephone
connections whereby the expected demand for mobile services will increase more than the fixed connections.The growth within the mobile market will be cohered for a large part with the offering of value added services. The growth of the mobile market will also depend on the possibility to migrate from the current technique (TDMA) to a GSM mobile environment.The GSM technique in combination with the broadband access offers the right combination for the further development of other services.

These developments are also visible on Bonaire. The introduction of the mobile telephone in 1999 has been a great success.The growth within the mobile market was turbulent but stabilized in 2001. A further growth can be realized by optimizing the mobile infrastructure, implementing GSM and GSM roaming, which facilitates the globalization of the usage
of the mobile infrastructure for tourists and frequent flyers.

The expectation in the near future will be that the growth of the data communication will substantially surpass the voice communication.This can be noticed by the enormous growth of the Internet usage, broadband services and applications and network services.
Portfolio of Products and Services:

There are three concessions under TELBO: local calls, mobile calls and long distance calls. TELBO plans to divide the company into separate limited liability companies for each business unit: local, mobile, long distance carrier, broadband and e-zone services. Through these ventures, third party providers are enabled to develop and promote a variety of value-added services.