The Water en Energie Bedrijf Bonaire, WEB, has been operating since 1967. This company is owned by the Island Government and has a high penetration in the local economy since almost everything uses electricity.WEB is very committed to the Bonairean economy to give high quality service at the best possible prices. Since the cost of production depends on the quality of production WEB delivers, there is a high investment involved.WEB is able to offer electricity and water at the highest European standards.


WEB strives for a durable development in order to be the biggest, most dynamic and most professional supplier of water and electricity and all accompanying services for the benefit of her interested parties on Bonaire ensuring an excellent service and competitive rates.

Services provided by WEB:

WEB produces and distributes electricity, as well as drinking water, according to WHO standards. WEB supplies infrastructure for the production of water and electricity and takes care of the maintenance of these installations.WEB produces 2300 m3 of water per day while the production capacity is of 4300 m3 per day. They have a EPA approved laboratory to test water daily with a 24 hour computerized monitoring equipment to avoid any risk of microbiological or chemical contamination. With regards to electricity, they are now able to offer a much more reliable service and secure system with the recent replacement of 2 engines in one of their electricity plants.The demand in electricity is of 10,8 mw per day while the production capacity is of 18 mw per day.

Investing on Bonaire:

Bonaire is a step stone to the Caribbean, South America and Europe, which facilitates international business. WEB advises investors who have received a building permit on the island to contact them in advance for their connection to WEB so they can calculate the cost of the infrastructure needed and ask for the necessary permits. The price of the connection will depend on the infrastructure needed and on the investment involved. For big projects they offer special water and electricity rates, as well as payment facilities. For instance, payment can be done in installments during the entire construction period. Moreover, WEB can offer a service based on specific needs with reference to flexible energy standards.WEB can provide a secure back up system with a generator or a water plant with the quality of water desired. WEB offers the best quality of water on the island, but other qualities of water can be produced such as pure water for pharmaceutical use or lower standards of water, which are no longer drinking water.

Future plans:

WEB has a business plan valid for ten years and adjusts it every five years. The policy of the island is to focus on ecotourism, and in that context,WEB must seek possibilities to produce water and electricity in a sustainable way by making use of the natural resources of the island such as the wind and the sun.WEB is currently looking into alternative methods to produce energy such as solar ponds, solar panels and wind turbines.Their objective within the next five years is to produce 30% of the energy with new sources to reduce the dependency on light fuel oil used for the production of electricity and for the water desalinization process.Today the price of electricity and water is based on the price of diesel, which fluctuates on the world market, and to reduce this dependency they first need to find the best alternative, which will enable the company to switch to a different technology in a later phase.

For more information, please contact WEB: Kaya Carlos A. Nicolaas #3, P.O. Box 381,
Kralendijk, Bonaire,Tel: + (599) 717-8244, Fax: + (599) 717-8756, E-mail: webburo@bonairelive.com