Jun 07



We are all working in a fast-pace economy with one constant factor called ‘continuous change’. Who would have guessed 10 years ago that hotel rooms would be booked online in almost 90% of all cases. And who could have predicted that guests can open hotel rooms using their phone, finder or eye? Whose glass bowl would have shown free WIFI in a room becoming at least as important as a bed? How often have we said “if only I knew” about developments that now influence our daily life and our hotel operations?

Well, I have good news for you. The ‘if only’  is coming your way in the form of a hotel trends webinar, with the compliments of COSME.

This webinar will be presented from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the breeding ground for some fine trending hotel concepts, hotel technology and websites such as booking.com.

Mr. Rene van Schie, Hotel specialist, will take you on a journey into the future.

Rene is Master of Real Estate (MRE) from the Amsterdam School of Real Estate, Netherlands.

He has many years of experience in various positions and organizations in the hospitality industry, had worked in several countries around the world in the hotel business and is currently the Real Estate and hotel development specialist in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He has a Large international network in hotel operations and hotel real estate.

What does this webinar hold in store: technology, guest welcome- and satisfaction, food- and beverage and programming and it will not bring you all the way into the future but it will get you close. It can help you prepare and pick the fruits of what is next!

This webinar will be an interactive trip whereby all participants can ask questions, chat and fill in short survey questions during the seminar

Thursday 7 June at 4 PM Montserrat time (for approximately 1 hour)

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