Running a business on Bonaire can be compared to being an athlete in the big league. The challenges of an island, a small community, the weather and the circumstances demand the utmost of a business owner. An entrepreneur who wants to start a business on Bonaire and succeed must be innovative, be able to use the circumstances creatively and adapt to the Caribbean market. On the other hand, there are the advantages of manageability and plenty of opportunities because the market has not yet matured. Bonaire can be compared to a green meadow where a business owner can head in any direction and where, in many areas, there is little or no competition. To recap: it is a growth market with plenty of opportunities and challenges.

Bonaire focuses on three cornerstones, i.e. tourism, the service industry and agriculture. Sustainability is an essential component of life on Bonaire. The large quantity of sustainable energy that is already being generated and used is a prime example. Bonaire presents, therefore, one of the most prominent examples of the use of sustainable energy.

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