To use the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s online Business Register system, every authorized director will receive a personal access code that enables them to enter data for their company and/or organization in the Business Register. These general terms and conditions outline the basic rules that must be adhered to when using the online Business Register system and apply to the use of this access code and the submission of online data to the Business Register. In the event that these general terms and conditions cannot be applied, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry will determine the course of action. BES Island Law applies to the relations between the company/organization and/or its directors and the Business Register.


When registering to use the online Business Register system, you agree to:

  1. provide accurate, current and complete information about you and/or your company/organization;
  2. provide all required documentation to provide a complete submission;
  3. register all changes with regard to the company/organization no later than one week after their occurrence, as prescribed in Article 8 of the BES Business Register Act;
  4. submit further supporting documents should the Secretary of the Business Register deem it necessary after determining that the information received is not satisfactory;
  5. check that the information submitted online is correct and complete immediately after it has been processed by the Business Register and is available online, and immediately report any inaccuracies found;
  6. maintain the confidentiality of your access code, password and other information related to the security of your account;
  7. be fully responsible for the use of your account and for all actions that occur through your account;
  8. immediately report any suspicion you might have that the security of your access code has been compromised so that it can be blocked;
  9. accept full liability for any damage caused by your actions or if you have either intentionally or with gross negligence failed to comply with one or more obligations mentioned in these general terms and conditions and/or the relevant laws and regulations such as the BES Business Register Act and the BES Business Register Decree.

You agree to the verification of your identity if the Business Register Secretary is not convinced that the submissions have been made by an authorized person. You hereby give us your explicit permission to process your relevant personal data, which must be registered in the Business Register in accordance with the BES Business Register Decree. Personal data is data that provides information about a specific person (e.g. gender, date of birth, address etc). By definition personal data is not public unless appropriate laws and regulations provide otherwise.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry may -at any time-  rescind the access code or block a user’s access if it deems doing so necessary (such as, for example, in cases where the user is no longer authorized to represent the company or organization).


By using the access code, you confirm and guarantee that your access to and use of our online Business register system will be in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including those relating to online conduct.




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