Jan 19

The Bonaire Chamber of Commerce launches the workshop ‘Make your business unshakable in 2023’.

The Bonaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with Ki Connect is inviting entrepreneurial leaders and their managers on the morning of February 1st, for the workshop ‘Make your business unshakable in 2023’. This is a unique opportunity to gain new capabilities and skills.

Local businesses are going through uncertain times. In addition to unpredictable external factors, such as inflation and lack of economic stability, there are also internal developments, such as workplace challenges and generational differences. To achieve a strong and resilient company, it is indispensable to create an energetic work environment and maintain a highly engaged and loyal team that wants to excel, regardless of the obstacles they face.

In the workshop, we help participating leaders find their purpose as resilient leaders by identifying their qualities and teaching them how to align them with the company’s goals and strengthen them.

We invite business owners to enroll executives so they can become resilient leaders and you can enjoy all the benefits, including reducing employee absenteeism, creating self-motivated teams and ultimately increasing business results.

The Bonaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry will continue also this year its efforts to provide entrepreneurs with workshops, courses and projects. Workshop participation is FREE and it will be held at Delfins Beach & Resort Bonaire from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. We have limited places, so please register as soon as possible, preferably before January 25. The language of instruction is English.

For questions and information about this workshop or other matters, please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 717-5595 or email bis@kvkbonaire.com.