Mar 28

Bonaire Algaeparc up to the next stage


On Thursday, March 15, 2018  a delegation of the University of Wageningen directed by Prof. Dr. Rene Wijffels presented the results of the feasibility study regarding the production of micro algae for commercial purpose. The results of the study are positive and promising.  Bonaire has the ideal climate for micro algae because of the temperature and the amount of sun.

With the conclusion of the feasibility study, we have entered a new stage of the project. In this stage a pilot set up will be realized to investigate the best circumstances/conditions for algae production to take place on Bonaire. WEB Bonaire provides a laboratory space and a part of their lot on Barkadera to do the pilot (former location of the Radio Nederland Wereld Omroep).

Two PhD-students of Wageningen will conduct the research.  For the algae production an alga inhabiting the waters surrounding Bonaire will be used. In the coming weeks one of the students will take a sample out of the waters around Bonaire to take from this the most proper algae to isolate. The PhD students will do their study partially in Bonaire and partially in The Netherlands. The research will take two years as estimated.

This project is carried financially by European Union (OCTAD) and it is in collaboration with the University of Wageningen, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, tour operator TUI, Water and Electricity Company Bonaire (WEB), Public Entity Bonaire. The European Union, same as the Public Entity Bonaire is eager to encourage diversification but also innovation in the economy of Bonaire.

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