Dec 09

Bonaire Chamber of Commerce expresses concerns about the cost of doing business on Bonaire

The Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the waste disposal levy adopted by the Island Council of the Public Entity of Bonaire. The concerns are twofold. Firstly, this waste disposal levy is a considerable burden for the tourism sector. Meanwhile, in the past years there have been several cost increases which resulted in a considerably increase of “the cost of doing business” on Bonaire. The Chamber of Commerce sees in this recent levy increase a renewed reason to repeat the research into “the cost of doing business” and will enter into consultation with the Public Entity of Bonaire and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Secondly, the Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the way in which decision-making on essential matters takes place within the Public Entity of Bonaire. The Chamber therefore asks the Public Entity Bonaire to improve consultation, involvement, objections, and appeals. Interest groups, companies and residents benefit from a transparent and reliable government