May 10

Cherethy Kirindongo says goodbye to the Chamber of Commerce Bonaire

On Tuesday, May 9th, the director of the Chamber of Commerce Bonaire, Mrs. Cherethy Kirindongo, said goodbye to the staff and stakeholders of the Chamber of Commerce Bonaire. The board of the Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Cherethy for her unwavering commitment in a period that was mainly dominated by the COVID-19 crisis. Nevertheless, she succeeded in further professionalizing the organization and raising it to a structurally higher level.

Starting June 1st, the Chamber of Commerce will welcome Mr. Phar Martha as its new director. He is enthusiastic about providing the Chamber of Commerce with new impulses and further strengthening the foundation. Mr. Martha is well acquainted with Bonaire and the stakeholders. He has worked for the MCB Bank and recently for Telecommunication Company of Bonaire (TELBO)