Oct 22

Definitive electoral lists 2021 – 2022

Based on the Elections Decree for the Chambers of Commerce and Industry BES, elections are held every year for one or more positions on the board of the Chamber of Commerce Bonaire. Anyone who is registered in the trade register of Bonaire with an active commercial company is eligible to vote.

The Chamber of Commerce announces that the voter lists for the year 2021 will be made public via the attached appendices. For privacy reasons, the digital version of the list is no longer published in full, but only the first and last name of the voter is displayed. The full and extended version of the list is available for review at the counter of the Chamber of Commerce at Kaya Amsterdam 23 in Bonaire.

Via the link below you can view the lists of names of the voters for the Small Enterprises and the Large Businesses. Candidates who wish to stand for election to a position on the board of the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce must collect at least 15 signatures. The persons signing should be on the list of respectively the Small Enterprise or the Large Business (depending on for which category the candidate wants to stand for election).

If you would like to receive more information, you can contact the Chamber of Commerce via e-mail address: director@kvkbonaire.com or by telephone at number: 717

Definitief kiezerslijst Grootbedrijf 2021

Definitief kiezerslijst Kleinbedrijf 2021