Jan 25

Did you hear already about The Road to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 Caribbean Event taking place March 14 and 15, 2019 on Curacao?

An event organized by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and supported by the Dutch, Curaçao and US governments. Former president Barack Obama introduced 8 years ago the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in order to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation all over the world.

The target group of the audience for the Caribbean event is wide: influencers, governmental representatives, entrepreneurs, managing directors, innovators, students and professors.  Although it is organized on Curaçao, the aim is to engage participants of the entire (Dutch) Caribbean.

Next week Wednesday, the 30th of January we will organize a pre-event for all interested parties in the region to inform them about the upcoming event.

You can tune in at 10am via the Facebookpage of The Road to GES2019 Caribbean
to learn all there is to learn about the event and ask questions you may have concerning your participation Or you can come to the Bonaire Chamber for this live stream session together with other entrepreneurs. (Register via Register@kvkbonaire.com)

As a participant you can decide to join different tracks, like masterclasses, round table sessions, a startup program, a hackathon and of course the general sessions.

The topics of the event are Energy, Water, Agriculture, Food, Health, Connectivity and Sustainable Tourism. The overarching themes will be “Access to finance” & “Future of Work”

For more information also visit the website www.ges2019caribbean.org.

Looking forward to welcome you at our office.