Aug 25

KVK and TCB work together on innovation

On August 23, the Chamber of Commerce Bonaire (KVK) and the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) announced the “Tourism Innovation Project”. This initiative is a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and TCB as part of a jointly signed letter of intent. The initiative includes a curriculum that should ensure that starting, but especially existing entrepreneurs, learn new skills to innovate their company and the products and services. Due to the size of the tourism sector, the TCB is the most logical partner for the Chamber of Commerce for this.

The “Tourism Innovation Project” is an invitation to reimagine, reinvent and redefine tourism on our beloved Bonaire. With a bold vision in mind, the project seeks to discover innovative concepts that will transform the way visitors experience our island.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, established companies and passionate individuals are all welcome to participate. Whether you have an idea that is just taking shape or a well-developed concept ready to be showcased, the project is the platform to reinforce your vision and contribute to the growth of our local tourism industry.

Upon registration, participants begin a mandatory workshop designed to refine their ideas and improve their presentation skills. This stage sets the stage for the grand finale: a “Shark Tank” style event. A committee of local experts and professionals will review each project and its potential impact. The eventual winner will receive a significant investment of $10,000 to bring their visionary tourism concept to life.

Registration for the project is now open and we urge all interested candidates to act quickly. The journey starts with filling out the application form, linked to essential documents including Sedula, CV and a summary and letter of motivation describing your proposed idea. These documents will serve as a basis for evaluating the potential of each product or service to shape the future of Bonaire’s tourism landscape.