Jun 11

Qredits meets the need for a bridging loan for SMEs

Qredits is offering entrepreneurs financing to survive this serious crisis. The Corona Bridge Loan is for a term of maximum 48 months, which includes a 6-months grace period with interest to be kept current. An interest rate of 2% will apply for the first 12 months, and afterwards the interest rate of 6.75% will be effective. Another important aspect of this bridge loan is that no prepayment fines will be charged if it is paid-off before the end of the loan term. The Corona Bridge loan is intended for existing business. This credit facility is directly related to the corona crises, reason why it is not suitable for start-up businesses. Qredits is thankful to the Bonaire government for the support provided to make this bridge loan available for businesses that do not have a microloan yet at Qredits Bonaire.

How can you apply?
To apply for the bridge loan please visit the following website via: https://bit.ly/2ZC1zup or contact the “support desk” of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries Bonaire.
For more information or questions please contact Qredits at 717-1412 or e-mail at bonaire@qredits.nl

For questions and advice, you can also contact the Chamber of Commerce via steunloket@kvkbonaire.com.