Mar 08

The Chamber of Commerce held a lively debate about the Bonairean economy

The Chamber of Commerce held a very successful and lively election debate at the Marriott hotel on March 6th. 40 entrepreneurs were present who were informed on six different themes about the positions of five of the six political parties on Bonaire. In addition, the debate was watched live by 225 people on Facebook at the peak, in addition to the live broadcast on Dutch Caribbean TV and the radio broadcast on Live99FM.

The topics discussed related to the Chamber of Commerce, the costs of entrepreneurship, Bonaire as a Blue Destination, the Public Entity Bonaire, a new cargo port and the availability of labor on Bonaire. Particularly with regard to Blue Destination, the subsistence minimum and the availability of suitable work for people on Bonaire, there was considerable discussion.

The elections for the island council will be held on March 15th. The Chamber of Commerce believes it is important to inform entrepreneurs well about the positions of the parties so that they are better able to make a choice for a political party. The composition of the island council is of great importance for the direction chosen for Bonaire over the next four years.

The debate was made possible by the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Chamber of Commerce. This center, which is financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate, must ensure that the conditions for doing business on Bonaire improve and that the network of entrepreneurs is strengthened. The election debate was the first activity within the framework of this centre. Soon more and more detailed information about this center will follow at the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the five political parties that took part in the debate, as well as all entrepreneurs who followed this closely and who also submitted interesting questions.