Mar 05

The key to success lies with us on Bonaire!

Nieuw Bestuur KvK

New board

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bonaire (Chamber of Commerce) elected a new chairman and vice-chairman during its first board meeting of the year 2018. Mr. H.H.M. Groot has been re-elected as chairman, Mr. H.J.L. Schoffelen was elected as vice-chairman. The remainder of the board of the Chamber of Commerce for this year consists of the following members: Mr E.L. Piar, T. Verheul and Ms. N.S. Den Heyer and Director / Secretary D.V. ter Burg

Focus for 2018

Action plans will be the focus of the Chamber of Commerce in 2018. A plan that directs solely what has to be done to make the community more decisive/enterprising and to make sure that it will have a positive economic impact. Too long and too much there have only research been done and reports published, without having any specific action taken upon. However, the Chamber of Commerce cannot do this by its own and will try to bundle the force with all other partners in the chain.

One of the most important partners at the moment is the new cabinet of the Dutch government, which has offered openness to cooperation and investment on the island. Conditions are good, there is a reliable board and specific executable plans that are broadly supported.  The Chamber of Commerce has none or hardly any influence on the first (good and reliable board), but on the second one it definitely has. The key to success, however, is not in The Hague, but it was and is still present on the island.

One of the priorities for the Chamber of Commerce is still a renewed version of the master plan for the island. Especially now that a specific and feasible Strategic Master Plan for tourism (STMP) has been designed, a Superior master plan to it must be in execution. This plan should reflect the practical results from the STMP. The chosen path of “Blue Destination” here can be excellently used as a guide. This practical and executable plan can be the guide of the island for the coming years. This is the first time that Bonaire has a plan like this, written by a renowned institute with highly competent researchers with knowledge of business. The Chamber of Commerce therefore urges the Executive Council to speed up the approval of this tourist plan.

Concern about recent developments

The Chamber of Commerce looks with displeasure at the current Executive Council how it is taking or is not taking unclear decisions in some vulnerable areas of the economy. For example, the situation regarding the subsidies to social and economic institutions (including the foundation of the Chamber of Commerce, in charged with stimulating economic development, is hit hard with a discount of almost 40%), the perils around the management of the BIA and not renewing the contract of the director of the TCB. The most important layers of our economy, (of which the BIA and the TCB have clearly proven the improvements under the management of its directors) are treated in this way. The Chamber of Commerce believes that this is not only irresponsible; it also gives a totally negative image to the investors and to the Dutch government, because it will badly affect the trust and the transparency for the future.

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