May 29

Extension emergency regulation SZW

To prevent employers from having to fire employees as a result of the corona crisis, they can use the temporary emergency regulation of SZW to support their wage costs. Independent entrepreneurs can also claim this regulation to supplement their income. Due to the continuing impact of the corona measures, the emergency regulation will be extended by four months, until October 12th, 2020 at the latest.

If you, as an employer, already make use of the regulation, you do not have to submit a new application. You must, however, submit a declaration in which you indicate the expected commitment of your personnel for the remaining term of the regulation. Even if the situation does not change compared to your original application, you must submit a declaration.

Although the exact conditions have not yet been formally established, we request that you submit your declaration with the RCN-unit SZW as soon as possible, and certainly no later than June 14th. The main line of the regulation is already clear and you can assume that the conditions and exceptions will remain the same when filling in the declaration.

Emergency payments will be stopped until your data is received and processed. The sooner you submit your declaration, the more certainty there is that the payment will continue undisturbed.

As an independent entrepreneur you do not have to submit a declaration to use the extension. If there are changes that will bring you back to income, you must, as is currently the case, immediately report this to the RCN-unit SZW via a mutation form.

Additional information
More information about government support for entrepreneurs can be found on the RCN website. The exact terms of the extension will also be announced on this website as soon as possible. For questions and advice, you can contact the Chamber of Commerce via