Oct 19

Please check if the Chamber of Commerce has your right email address

Soon we will send out information on how to obtain the access code with which registered entities will be able to manage their own information in the new online Commercial Register. Therefore we have sent an email to all known email addresses for registered entities, asking them to check the current registration of their directors on correctness and completeness via (Doorzoek register – KvK Bonaire (bonairechamber.com).

In the event you are an owner and/or director and are not receiving our emails about this topic, please inform us about this by sending an email to handelsregister@kvkbonaire.com. Please provide your name, the KvK number and name of the organization of which you are a director, and the email address via which we can reach you.

In case you are an entrepreneur and do not have an email address, please visit us, so we can solve this together.