Apr 26



The Chamber of Commerce will conduct a research among entrepreneurs for the Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire about a new support measure from the local government for necessary housing costs. The compensation ‘Alivio’ (literally translated; relief) is currently being developed by the Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire. Entrepreneurs and employees who have suffered a serious drop in income, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, will soon be able to submit an application to the Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire. In this preliminary phase, the Chamber of Commerce requests entrepreneurs who intend to apply for this, to register by filling in some information so that this target group can be identified. In this way, the Public Entity Bonaire can take into account the needs of the target group, in order to organize the ‘Alivio’ compensation as good as possible.

In the research, the Chamber of Commerce is looking for entrepreneurs aged 18 and older who have had at least a 30% drop in income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020 and for whom the current measures do not apply or are insufficient. These are entrepreneurs whose total monthly net income of their household has declined substantially and who can no longer bear their necessary housing costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic from the income of the family, the private assets or with the existing support measures on which has already been appealed.

The online form can be completed by clicking on “Register” and is accessible for 10 days. These forms can also be found on the website of the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce www.bonairechamber.com. All data will of course be treated confidentially. After an inventory has been made of the request for help, the Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire will determine the conditions of the “Alivio” compensation, so that implementation of this arrangement can be initiated. Those who register in advance will be proactively approached by the Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire when the arrangement comes into effect.

The government expects to be able to provide more information about the implementing organizations and the implementation of the support measure by mid-May at the latest. The Chamber of Commerce invites all entrepreneurs who meet the conditions to fill in this form. This clearly shows the request for help in order to be able to offer the affected entrepreneurs appropriate support.