Mar 16

The Government of Bonaire launches survey to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the businesses of Bonaire

The Public Entity of Bonaire and Chamber of Commerce are launching a survey to help assess, measure, and analyze the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on businesses. This survey will feed into a more comprehensive Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) that will detail the pandemic’s social and economic impact on Bonaire and further guide the government’s response and recovery planning. In 2020, the government of Bonaire approached the World Bank for technical support in conducting the PDNA. As a key input to the PDNA, the survey will focus on a variety of topics such as business development challenges, operational limitations and access to resources.

The government of Bonaire and the Chamber of Commerce encourages businesses from all industries to complete the survey by latest March 26, 2021 in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of COVID-19’s many socioeconomic impacts. The survey is available in four languages: Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish and English. Once you click on the blue button below you can choose your desired language on the top right corner. Due to limitations of the survey platform you will find the Papiamentu version under the title “Portuguese”.
The survey results will be presented to the relevant ministries in The Hague to accentuate the need for more extensive and comprehensive economic measures.

This survey will expand on a previous survey conducted by the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce by focusing on more comprehensive questions that quantify the financial impacts of COVID-19 on Bonaire’s businesses.  We thank you in advance for your participation!