Are you moving your company, do you have a new director, a new telephone number or do you want to add a new commercial name? The choices are unlimited, but the outcome is the same: all changes must be entered into the Commercial Register. You must notify us within seven days of the change taking effect.

You may report changes to us directly online. Usually it is necessary to provide proof of a change. You may send us this proof by uploading it to our Commercial Register system. The most common changes are:

– Change of company officers
– Change of company contact details
– Change of company activities

To report a change, it is important that you are an authorized person and that you can login with your username and associated password. To ensure that only authorized persons are able to report changes, they are provided with an “access code”. To request such an access code, click HERE while you are logged in to the Commercial Register website.

If you do not have a computer or scanner at home, you may visit the Chamber of Commerce in person to enter your details by using our “Digital kiosk”. Chamber of Commerce employees will be happy to assist you with entering the data into the Commercial Register online.

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