Jul 06

Do you want to increase your chances as an entrepreneur? Follow us live on July 15th to hear how!

The KvK Academy is a training of the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce for starting entrepreneurs. With this training, the entrepreneur increases the chance of doing business successfully.

Experienced trainers provide all the tools in 11 modules to shape the company and operate it successfully. The new round of classes will start again in August 2021. To explain what these classes entail, a live information session on Facebook will take place on July 15 from 18:00-19:00. The start date will be announced during this session and in addition we also provide general information about, for example, the costs involved and on which days the courses will take place. In addition, potential participants can get to know the trainers and get information about the modules. This is the ideal opportunity to ask questions, this applies to start-ups, people who are orienting themselves in the field of entrepreneurship, but also for existing companies that want to sharpen their knowledge on certain relevant topics.

We invite all possible participants to follow this live session and to actively participate by asking questions via the live chat on July 15th.

Follow us live and have a chance to win a free place in the KvK Academy!