The Bonaire Chamber of Commerce provides a number of additional services to entrepreneurs. You may find these services here.

Historic Information.

The Chamber of Commerce can provide you with an overview of the changes that have occurred during the course of a company or organization’s history, such as changes of officials or trading name changes. You may request information for the entire period of existence of an organization, or for a limited period of time. To obtain an extract with such information, please send an email to stating the organization’s name and Chamber of Commerce number.

 Statements about Commercial Register Data

The Chamber of Commerce can also provide you with an overview of data recorded in the Commercial Register. This could be, for example, an overview of all directors or all previous addresses for a certain company, or simply whether a particular person was an authorized director on a certain date. To obtain such a statement, please send an email to detailing the name, the organization’s Chamber of Commerce number and your specific request.

Company List

The Chamber of Commerce also provides entrepreneurs with company lists. Companies’ business activities are included in the Commercial Register and these activities are divided into one principal activity and a maximum of three secondary activities. This classification has been made on the basis of the Standard Business Classification (SBI) as determined by the Central Bureau of Statistics in the Netherlands. This format has also been internationally accepted and is used globally. You may request a list based on this classification for companies located on Bonaire. An example of this would be an overview of all car washes or all bakeries on Bonaire. The data will be delivered to you in an Excel file and you will have to pay $0.56 per company (with a minimum of $8.38 per order). Click HERE to request a company list.

Certificate of Origin

The Chamber of Commerce will issue a “Certificate of Origin” to entrepreneurs who produce goods on Bonaire. During export entrepreneurs may use this certificate in order to demonstrate that their goods were manufactured on Bonaire. To obtain a certificate you can send an email to  You should specify the number, kind and type of goods, together with the price. This information will be stated on the certificate. After you pay the fee for this certificate, you may collect it from the Chamber of Commerce.

Renting Meeting Rooms

The Chamber of Commerce has a training room and several meeting rooms. For current rates and availability of these rooms, please contact Please clearly state the number of people you wish to accommodate and the date and time of the meeting. You will receive a prompt response with the availability and the rental rate for a meeting room. It is also possible to arrange catering according to your wishes during your meeting.


[To follow from 1/1/2022]