If you no longer wish to keep your business going and want to permanently discontinue your company or organization, you must notify the Chamber of Commerce within seven days. Book 2 of the BES Civil Code describes which procedures must be followed, what you as an entrepreneur/director must do, and what information you must submit in order to successfully deregister from the Commercial Register. You may download more information about the specific procedure.

Temporarily Stop your Company’s Economic Activity

You may also have to temporarily discontinue your business. In this case, your organization will no longer be engaged in any economic activity and it will become inactive. In such circumstances you discontinue the company’s activities but you do not dissolve it. The company will be designated as such in the Commercial Register, but you must continue to pay an annual contribution. You may always reactivate the company at a later date if you wish to do so.

It is always prudent to inquire which procedure is most suitable for your particular circumstances. You may always obtain additional information about these procedures from the Chamber of Commerce. An employee will be happy to sit down with you to assist with the forms and to answer all your questions.

It is also possible to complete the above mentioned procedures online in the Bonaire Commercial Register. Click HERE for information how to close down or dissolve a company. In order to implement any of these changes you must be an authorized person and you must be able to login with your username and associated password. To ensure that only authorized persons are able to report changes, they are provided with an “access code”. To request such an access code, click HERE while you are logged in to the Commercial Register website.

If you do not have a computer or scanner at home, you may visit the Chamber of Commerce in person to enter your details by using our “Digital kiosk”. Chamber of Commerce employees will be happy to assist you with entering the data into the Commercial Register online.

Frequently asked questions about de-registering your business

  • What happens if I don’t de-register from the Commercial Register?

    The Commercial Register is the register that lists all the companies (but all the foundations, associations, etc. too). The register is a decisive source file. If your company is listed in the Commercial Register, it is a legal business; if you are not listed but you start commercial operations any way, your operations are illegal. Of course, that is a situation you want to avoid.

    If you discontinue your operations, you want all your (legal) obligations to be cancelled and other authorities to know that your business has been terminated (e.g. the Tax Administration). If you do not notify the Chamber of Commerce that you have ceased to operate, all your (legal) obligations will continue. You will still be obliged to pay the Annual Contribution every year. You remain actively listed in the source file and so other authorities will assume you still operate. You remain responsible/liable for the business, etc.

  • Can I de-register my company by email / from abroad?

    Bonaire does not use electronic signatures which means it is not possible to certify digital documents. A scanned copy is easy to fake, so Bonaire’s Chamber of Commerce’s policy is that changes in the Commercial Register (including de-registration) must be submitted as original copies to prevent unauthorised persons making unlawful changes to your company.

    You can, if necessary, arrange to have your digital forms signed by an authorised organisation on Bonaire, who then guarantees the authenticity of the forms. The Chamber of Commerce regards local law firms and civil-law notaries as authorised organisations.

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